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About us

The core competence of Duranox GmbH & Co. KG is the production and sale of sealants and impregnations that meet the highest quality standards and have been developed according to the latest research findings.

In recent years, modern coating and impregnation technology has opened up completely new possibilities with regard to surface coatings: Almost all surfaces can be modified in many ways by specially developed coatings and impregnations without changing the substrate itself or the optical properties in any way.

In particular, the focus here is on creating water, oil and dirt-repellent surfaces on which liquids and foreign bodies such as dust and dirt particles can no longer settle. In this way, soiling can be removed much more easily (Easy-To-Clean).

"Reduce your labor and costs for the cleaning and maintenance of your property in all areas: Whether for outdoors or indoors, commercial or private households: modern coatings and impregnations from Duranox offer an ideal solution for almost any problem."


The advantages of using state-of-the-art coatings are manifold:

Product advantages:

  • Duranox coatings set new standards in durability and abrasion resistance.
  • Easy processing: Our products are all 1-component products. An addition of further hardeners is not necessary.
  • High efficiency: Only a single layer of our coatings is required.
  • Coated surfaces can be used again after a short time.
  • We can customize and adjust our products to your wishes and requirements regarding durability, abrasion resistance, gloss level, slip resistance class and much more.

Cleaning advantages:

  • Improvement of the cleaning behaviour: Easy-To-Clean
  • Greatly reduced dirt adhesion: Even tough stains (e.g. lime) are much easier to remove.
  • Cost and time savings in maintenance cleaning
  • Omission of the classic basic cleaning
  • Sustainability through less use of cleaning agents: In the future, you can completely do without expensive and aggressive cleaning agents and remove even the most stubborn deposits simply with water.

"Individual surface coatings directly from the German manufacturer. According to your wishes, according to your specifications."

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